We take a proven, practical and refreshing approach to help you elevate your business to the next level.





From consultants, coaches, speakers and trainers, to done-for-them service providers like graphic designers and video producers, we help self-employed professionals to consistently land lucrative corporate clients.



For businesses with $1 million to $100 million in revenue, our focus is on building, expanding and optimizing your sales team for maximum performance, backed with a proven business development strategy.



 Making the leap from J.O.B. to entrepreneurship requires a whole new way of thinking and taking action. We specialize in helping those who are about to take the plunge, or who recently landed in the pool. 

What's Happening Now

INSIDE EDGE is the premier event of the year for small business owners and experts who work with
corporate clients — or who want to. It's the place they come to learn, to get inspired, to build
relationships and to chart their future.

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Angelique is the CEO and founder of The Corporate Agent. She is an award-winning business owner, strategic advisor, speaker, mentor, wife and mom of twins. Her business consulting services, live events, programs and products are all designed with a singular purpose: to help other entrepreneurs to expand, evolve and enjoy both their businesses and their lives.



The only thing we can't deliver is desire.


There's a great expression: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. We believe that's true in both life and business. We also believe that only when a client has a deep and urgent desire to grow their business, and they are ready to take consistent action, will they get the results they truly seek. 

Here's a snapshot of just some of the RESULTS our clients have experienced: 

  • Increased top-line revenue by 242% in 1 year while maintaining the company's profit margin
  • Implemented one new sales strategy that resulted in $500,000 in new business within 30 days, as well as additional opportunities in pipeline
  • Expanded into 10 new FORTUNE 500 accounts with one business development campaign
  • Increased number of clients by more than 566% in one year
  • Landed two $300,000 contracts in less than 9 months
  • Increased firm's professional fees by 5x
  • Expanded their opportunities to Australia, Hawaii, Middle East and Europe
  • Went from a stressful and frustrating full-time job to more than $415,000 in revenue as a business owner in just 10 months
  • Turned one strategy day into $95,000 of new client projects
  • Secured a $100,000 client within 8 weeks 
  • Landed their first contract worth $45,000 with major U.S. city

Ready for something real?


After having seen and experienced the short comings of many of the year-long mentoring and coaching programs designed for small business owners, Angelique set out to create something altogether different. The result is VELOCITY -- a yearlong program that puts a laser like-focus on taking action as you learn. 

VELOCITY combines training, strategy, mentoring and implementation labs to help you achieve massive forward progress and results in your business.

The program is led and taught directly by Angelique and Phil Dyer, EVP of Consulting & Training, who bring more than 49 years of combined business experience to the table.

Membership in the yearlong program is by application only. Investment starts at $16,500 for the core program. If you would like to apply, we encourage you to reach out to us at concierge@thecorporateagent.com.


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